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Welcome To SEO Hosting With The Experts

SEO Hosting, also known as Multiple IP Hosting, is the idea of hosting your multiple websites on a solid network of Dedicated IPs from different Class C IP Ranges. This type of hosting is considered to be the very best foundation for SEO when using multiple domains.

We set the industry standard for high-end, customized and dependable hosting solutions for Internet Marketing Agencies and In-House Enterprise SEO Teams.

Our hosting solutions include “Virtual Private Servers” running VMware virtualization technology and our highly optimized “Dedicated SEO Servers” courtesy of our friends at Dell.

We provide all our clients with the latest technology in hosting environments to ensure a lightning fast, highly secure and ridiculously dependable hosting network. When you host with us, you’re hosting with the industries best.

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SEO + Hosting – Where the Idea came from

SEO Hosting

The SEO Hosting concept grew out of the idea that the number of links to a web page indicates how popular it is. Thus, search engines track how many links there are to a web page, and boost a page’s ranking if there are a lot of links pointing to it. This is perfectly reasonable, as the search engines assume that “most people” will want to see the pages that “many people” have already deemed popular by creating links to them. SEO companies may create a number of related sites that link to each other in order to increase the links to the customers’ pages.

SEO Hosting As A Service Takes The Idea One Step Further

SEO Hosting

SEO Web Hosting takes this concept one step farther by examining how the internet recognizes different websites. Every site on the internet has an address of the form 111.222.333.444. Every website has a unique number. The numbering system is organized by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who hands out blocks of numbers to web hosting companies. The hosting companies then assign them to individual customers. By default, if you get multiple numbers from a web host, they’ll most probably be numbers that are very close to each other.

Does Google Even Care About IPs between sites that link together?


There is an idea in the SEO world that links between sites that have similar internet addresses are not as important as links between sites with very different addresses. Two similar addresses would probably have the same first three sets of digits and only vary by the fourth.This idea is actually suggested by patent documents that Google has filed, so it does have credibility.
SEO Hosting came in to existence to maximize the value of the links between sites by hosting them on significantly different internet addresses.

SEO Hosting Is A Vital Element To Your Overall SEO Marketing Strategy

SEO Marketing Strategy

This type of hosting foundation may make the difference between your site showing up on the first page of a search or a later page. Therefore, it’s important to consider SEO hosting for any marketing campaign that you or your agency undertakes in order to give you or your clients pages the best foundation for maximum exposure.