A Blueprint For Shifting From Guest Posting To Content Marketing

In spite of anything anyone wants you to believe about guest posting, it’s a sound strategy. However, like every other strategy, it could be handled in ways that reduce its effectiveness. One of the surest ways of reducing the value you get from this exercise is focusing on the link building value only.

Eric Enge (President, Stone Temple Consulting and contributor at SearchEngineWatch.com) shows you how to get more value from it. He recommends switching to a content-marketing mindset. Here are things, he believes, will help you get excellent results…

1. Go for the best sites in your niche. Authority sites are still the best to target.

2. Aim to get a column and become a recognized contributor on such authority sites — This has more value.

3. While you’ll establish your authority by having posts on authority sites, you have to pay close attention to the quality of content you place on those websites. Aim for your very best.

Over to you — Are there other tips you’d like to share with us? Are there things you disagree with in this article? We’d like to know. Leave a comment!

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