Three Content Ideas That Will Help You Improve SEO And Sales

How do you get those top rankings at Google? By having the right content. Whether you are building links “naturally” or intervening in one way or the other, you need content to make it work. What about sales — How do you drive them? You use content to take them from mere searchers to buyers.

So we all agree that top quality is very important. The challenge is how to come up with the right ideas all the time. Purna Virji (Online Marketing Manager at Stroll) shares three top tips that will help you develop shareable content…

1. There’s really nothing like an entirely new idea. Therefore, look for a concept that has been a hit online and look for ways to add your unique twist to it. If you do this right, you’ll get all the SEO and sales benefits that come with it.

2. You can make your content stand out by going against the established norm. One of the examples cited was an infographic that was posted on Valentine’s Day. Unlike the usual love talk, it talked about the benefits of staying single. It got a lot of attention!

3. Get to people’s heart and you’ll win them over. Therefore, it’s important that you find ways to express your personality (that of your business) in such a way that it resonates with your target audience.

Now over to you: What do you think of these tips? Do you have one or two to share? Use the comment box below!

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