Dedicated Server Hosting — The Benefits

Dedicated Server Hosting -- The BenefitsUnlike other hosting plans where you actually share a server with a number of other customers, using a dedicated server is an entirely different game: The user leases an entire server for a given period. Although this is definitely more expensive than other options, it comes with a lot of advantages.

1. Improved Performance
The response time you get with a dedicated server is simply unrivalled when compared with other hosting plans. Yes, you might have been told by your host that your basic entry plan has unlimited bandwidth and all that nonsense. What you are NOT told is usually in the fine print. You’ll always observe that they have little asterisks (*) after those “unlimited” offerings. In the real world, computing resources are defined and limited.

But dedicated servers give you a unique advantage: You don’t share memory, hard disk space or processor power with anyone else. Therefore, you can deal with resource-intensive processes more easily. If your site carries a high volume of traffic, for example, your visitors will get a faster response when they type in your url. If there are applications on your site, they’ll also perform a lot smoother. Issues like “server crashing” will be far less likely unless you have a crazy spike in traffic and did NOT take the necessary precautions for such.

If you see your hosting account as renting, leasing or having a home for your web property with another company, then you’ll get the picture. Using the home metaphor, if your entry-level shared hosting account is an apartment with balcony, a dedicated server is a home on ten acres.

2. Greater Reliability
You can count on the fact that you have a given amount of resources at your disposal. You are NOT sharing it with any other webmaster. So you can make reliable predictions of what can be done with your account.

On a shared hosting account, on the other hand, another website can eat into your server’s resources and therefore make your site’s performance unreliable on a number of occasions.

3. Increased Security
You own and control everything on a dedicated server. And unless you are careless, no one can access your server. This isn’t the case with shared hosting, for example. Your site’s security could be breached if a hacker has an account on the same server with you.

Yes, hosting companies implement a lot of processes to make such things difficult. However, the mere fact that a number of different people share the same server opens up the door to a lot of security issues as some ignorant webmasters might open the door to threats inadvertently. So hands down, a dedicated server is the most secure option.

4. Customizable Configurations
Every shared hosting account has a preset configuration. But what happens if you need a particular configuration for a process on your site? Well, you’ll have to forget about it in shared accounts. With a dedicated server you decide what configurations you need. It’s yours for the period you lease it and so you can have it configured any way you like to meet a particular need.

5. A Dedicated IP Address
Every dedicated server hosting plan comes with a dedicated ip address. This is very important because you don’t get punished for the errors of other webmasters in the case of shared ips. Furthermore, you can easily set up your merchant account and other specific processes that require that you own your unique ip.

6. Easy Upgrade
Do you need more processing power? All you have to do with a dedicated hosting account is make the request. You can upgrade your memory, processor, disk space and anything else you need. You can even ask for several servers to be hooked up to your primary server if you are anticipating a huge traffic spike. It’s all under your control.

7. Custom Firewall
You can create your own access control policies by running your own custom firewall. No, you don’t have to depend on the default provided by your host as is the case with a shared hosting account. This gives you the flexibility necessary to maintain a high level of security without compromising certain critical processes you want to run on your website.

8. Top Class Customer Support
Every business gives priority attention to their highest paying customers. It’s no different within the hosting industry. Since customers with dedicated servers are the highest paying customers, they usually get the very best of customer service. Their request usually get priority attention.

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