Dedicated Server Hosting — Who Needs It?

Big Data StorageMost people know that you get the highest level of security when you are the sole user of a physical server (dedicated server hosting). You will benefit from faster load times and are NOT negatively affected by another webmaster’s activities. However, it is indeed a more expensive solution and requires certain skill sets to manage (unless you opt for fully managed hosting). So who really needs this form of hosting?

1. Every Business That Has Substantial Revenue
While everyone will tell you about the cost-effectiveness of using other hosting plans, there is NO denying that a dedicated server gives you far more advantages. If for example, $500/ month for a dedicated server is ‘pocket change’ to your business then the benefits you stand to enjoy far outweigh other considerations.

You expose your business to unnecessary risks if you use shared hosting at such a stage.  Even if your bandwidth and storage needs are pretty modest, you can’t beat the level of security you’ll enjoy with a dedicated server (And that should be very important to you as your business grows).

2. Every Business About To Embark On Media Exposure
Have you planned a series of press conferences, releases, media buys, guest blogging gigs and affiliate promotions simultaneously? A dedicated server to handle the traffic rush you are bound to experience is necessary to avoid wasted your advertising budget. You also need a server if you have planned an elaborate launch for a product or service.

Bottom line: You don’t want your server to crash with the overload of traffic, a dedicated server will avoid a “traffic jam”.

3. Every E-Commerce Site
Any business that intends to do ecommerce without compromising their visitors’ vital details has to go with a dedicated server. You can guarantee higher levels of security when you are the sole user of a server. You can also guarantee that critical scripts and processes are NOT hampered by the activities of other webmasters.

Would you be confident to input your credit card details on an ecommerce site if they put a notice that reads: We are on the same server with unknown persons? While this might sound funny, it should give you a clear idea of how important it is to have total control of your server along with optimum security (Things you’ll inevitably get with a dedicated server).

4. Every Site That Runs Custom Scripts And Applications
You can configure a dedicated server to your heart’s content. Do you want to create multiple virtual machines? You can do so. Do you want to run a special script that needs a specially configured OS? You can. While other hosting forms might give you a level of control, they are NEVER as complete as what you’ll get with a dedicated server.

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