Has Google Messed Up Title Tags?

There used to be a time when you were sure that your pages showed in search results with the titles you created. Well, Google had other ideas: They believed that their algorithm could do a better job. Therefore, they decided to start giving “better” titles to pages.

Danny Sullivan takes a look at what Google has been up to on this and comes up with the following conclusion…

1. Google’s decision to serve up its own titles for web pages is helpful sometimes. Situations where some webmasters fail to give correct titles to their pages are good examples.

2. Google should give webmasters the option of indicating whether they want their title tags to be used in search listings or NOT.

3. Google gets it wrong in a number of situations and there aren’t usually easy routes to having it fixed.

Has Google messed up the title of any of your pages in search results? Were you able to get them to place the correct titles? Let us know — Leave a comment below.


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