Google, Social And Content Marketing — What’s Gone Wrong And How To Win

Write the greatest article on a subject matter and you will rise to the top spot On Google’s SERP for the relevant keyword. Write a very insightful post and you will get very many tweets, shares and likes. Develop content that provides solutions to serious challenges in your niche and you don’t have to bother much about marketing…

…Well, that’s in an ideal world!

If you’ve been involved in anything that has to do with ranking tops in Google, getting a lot of social love and having your content spread far and near, you’ll agree with me that what works is different from the fantasy many propose as the way to go.

Uri Bar-Joseph, in a post at SearchEngineWatch, shows the problems with Google, social and content marketing (I’ll make recommendations)…

1. Quality (with reference to content) is a very subjective thing. Who’s to say which article is the best on any particular keyword? Don’t bother about having the best quality out there. Just ensure you are providing useful content that you are proud to associate yourself with.

2. Perception is now more important than quality. People tend to read posts with more social proof than those without — A post with 9,000 tweets will get more attention than another with just 250. However, the post with just 250 tweets might be of a much higher quality albeit from a site with a smaller audience.

So what should you do? Do everything you can (within the limits of the law) to get as many tweets, likes, shares as possible. But at the same time, make sure that you are NOT just focusing on perception. Do your best to ensure you also have substance – Create high quality content.

3. The best content doesn’t get the top spot on Google. It’s a shame that mediocre content (and rubbish) will get a top spot if the creator gives it the push.

Therefore, while I recommend you always focus on creating top quality content, spend more time marketing than you do creating. It’s your marketing efforts that will get you seen. Writing great content and doing poor marketing is like presenting top models in the dark — You know they are great but NO one else does.

So what SEO or marketing methods should you adopt?

Adopt all SEO and marketing methods that give you the results you are after provided they do NOT run afoul of the law and are within your budget.

What do you think? Can you succeed online by focusing only on creating top quality content? Please, let us know what you think.

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