Multiple IP Hosting – What it is and why you need it!

Question Mark - What Is SEO HostingThere are a lot of different hosting plans and types out there. Each hosting plan has its strong points and some have serious downsides. So what is Multiple IP Hosting all about and why do you need it?

Multiple IP Hosting (aka SEO Hosting) refers to a type of hosting plan where your domains are placed on different unique Class C ip’s.

A typical ip has four classes: A, B, C and D. Here’s what the ip’s look like…


(Where each set of letters stand for different numbers). So if you replace the letters with numbers you get something like this…


Having a unique class C ip means that you don’t have other domains sharing ips with yours like…


As you can see in the three examples given, they all share the same Class C ip but different Class D’s. SEO Hosing Experts ensures that you get unique dedicated Class C’ IP’s for your personal use. So if there are three domains, they can have…


Notice that the numbers that occur in the class C space are different in the example above. However, there are instances where we can offer unique class A’s. Just speak with your sales representative.

So What’s The Big Deal In Having Unique Class C’s?

There are many benefits in having your domain on multiple unique Class C ip’s. Here are some that really stand out…

1. Control of the environment where your site resides. If your site shares ips with spammy sites, you will be smeared by their bad reputation (in the sight of search engines) and that’s NOT good for any serious online business or seo marketing company. If you don’t want to be punished for the poor conduct of other webmasters, one of the things you should do is ensure you are on a unique class c ip. Think of it like raising your kids in a neighborhood that is notorious for violent crimes and you will be getting the picture of why having your domain on a unique Class C IP is very important.

But some people might argue that you don’t need a specialized SEO host to get a unique ip for your domains (and that’s true). However, if you have a hundred different sites which you want placed on multiple ips, you are going to have a hard time managing them (and that’s apart from the fact that you will spend quite a lot in cash doing so with non-SEO hosts.

2. You can build your own network of sites to boost the ranking of your primary site. Yes, despite the falsehood being spread around online, having a good network that you control is key to getting good links that are almost impossible to get otherwise. If you build good sites, and you host them on a solid seo foundation, you have nothing to worry about. Its only when you try to game the system or mislead the consumer. Keep it simple, and do the right thing.

There’s no better time to make the switch to seo hosting. And there’s no better hosting company than

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