Needed: A New Link Building Legacy

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past two years, you definitely know that a lot has changed when it comes to link building. What used to work like magic NO longer works at all. In fact, what used to work might get your site delisted.

Jon Ball, VP of Business Development for Page One Power (A link building firm), draws attention to the right way to go about link building for now and the future. Here’s a brief summary of what he suggests every serious link builder should focus on…

Build links that add value to the web. No, you shouldn’t just get a link without respect for the content on the originating page. Would you get such a link if there were no search engines? If your answer is NO, then he believes you are getting a bad link.

He also advises that you should endeavor to ensure that your links are NOT just schemes to get link juice from abandoned blogs or forgotten directories. You may have to go the difficult route, but that’s what it often takes to build top quality links.

It is important, he points out, to note that although it is more difficult to build natural links, you are better off with them on the long run.

Read the full post here…

Do you agree with him? Is there really anything like building natural links? Can natural links just happen without any form of intervention from you? Could it still be called natural if you schemed for it (albeit from a high quality site surrounded by top quality content)?


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