url redirect

SEOs will tell you about the power of url redirects. But what many won’t even bother to educate you on is the ruin that can befall you if you get it wrong. In an article published by Cyrus Shepard at, he shows you things you should do and those to avoid. Here are excerpts… 1. […]



All links are NOT equal. There are links that have more quality and affect your SEO efforts more for good. Post Penguin, it’s important that you focus on link relevancy in your efforts. But how do you do that? Ken Lyons, shares some tips in an article published at (Here are a few of […]


Link building

Image via Flickr by accesocero Link building has been one of the strongest ranking strategies in the search engine optimizer’s tool box. However, with recent updates and Google’s usual scare tactics, it is NOT unusual for people to be caught in the erroneous belief that link building is dead. Paul Bruemmer (PB Communications) makes important […]

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SEO Post Penguin 2.0

Image via Flickr by Plagspotter There is one thing that will never end on the internet: New buzz words. People often invent new buzz words because they want to be seen as market leaders or gurus (Among other reasons). Content marketing is one phrase that is being used repeatedly nowadays. But, come to think of […]


Penguin 2.0

What should you expect with Google’s Pengiun 2.0 update (and future updates)? Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) gives an overview… 1. For webmasters who are focused on giving their visitors top quality content, Matt Cutts makes it clear that Google is committed to ensuring your content is made visible to searchers. 2. Penguin […]



Things never remain the same in SEO. When Google rolled out the first Penguin update, anchor text use changed permanently. Just to make sure we carry newcomers along, there was a time when the right thing to do was to have your target keywords only or mainly in your anchor texts. But that has changed. […]


rts game

It’s NOT often that you learn so much from a game that it changes how you go about your SEO. But this happened to Jayson DeMers (Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom) and he shares useful insights that will help you perform better in your search engine optimization efforts… First, he makes you understand that SEO […]


negative seo

For a long time, Google simply denied the existence of negative SEO. However, those who had been affected or those knowledgeable enough always knew that it was NOT only in existence but was being used by ruthless SEOers to get the competition out of the way. Now, Google has confirmed what most of us either […]


Seo Content

Many webmasters often fall into the trap of focusing exclusively on buyer keywords. While it is a fact that they have the highest conversion ratios, it is also a fact that they are many more times more difficult to gain top three rankings for. The way out? Take a look at what Jenny Halasz (President […]


Guest Blog

In spite of anything anyone wants you to believe about guest posting, it’s a sound strategy. However, like every other strategy, it could be handled in ways that reduce its effectiveness. One of the surest ways of reducing the value you get from this exercise is focusing on the link building value only. Eric Enge […]