Penguin 2.0 — Changes In SEO For Today And The Near Future

What should you expect with Google’s Pengiun 2.0 update (and future updates)? Matt Cutts (Google’s head of search spam) gives an overview…

1. For webmasters who are focused on giving their visitors top quality content, Matt Cutts makes it clear that Google is committed to ensuring your content is made visible to searchers.

2. Penguin 2.0 is expected to do a better job of fishing out blackhatters.

3. Penalties for advertorials that pass on link juice. While Google has nothing against advertorials, Matt insists that they will do much more to ensure webmasters stick with the rules. For example, advertorials should be displayed as such and NOT masked as editorial content passing link juice.

4. Niches like payday loans (that are usually targetted more by spammers) are obviously going to get more attention. Matt wouldn’t disclose details but expect Google to watch niches like these more closely.

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