How To Prepare For Google’s Next Penguin Update

If you know anything about SEO then you know that the Penguin update was one of the most devastating to be unleashed by Google. It has been released in many phases and Matt Cutts promises a fourth update. Going by the havoc previous updates unleashed, you need to take steps to make your site Penguin-proof.

Thankfully, Christoph C. Cemper (SEO expert and founder, CEMPER.COM) gives suggestions that you should explore

1. SEO risk management is important. You have to set up a system that helps pinpoint risky links on an on-going basis. The fact that Google hasn’t taken action on some bad links today doesn’t mean it wouldn’t tomorrow. Therefore, get rid of any fishy links once you spot them.

2. Don’t forget that all links are NOT created equal. In fact, a link that will do one website a lot a good could actually hurt yours. Avoid links from thematically unrelated pages. Ensure anchor text diversification.

3. It is important that you have a contact list of all your “good” link sources. This is very important as you may need to remove a once-good link at very short notice.

Do you agree with him? Can you recommend other ways of keeping a site safe from any new Penguin updates? We’d like to know what you think.

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