Repurposing Content For Effective SEO And More — Tips And Techniques

If there’s something that you can’t have too much of, it is high quality content. However, it comes at a price that is usually too steep for the beginner. And while you are at it, having content that isn’t seen by your target audience is as good as NOT having any.

Therefore, you need to get your content before as many eyeballs as possible and you need to ensure you have them in a volume that helps you build critical mass. So how do you do that without burning yourself out or taking a second mortgage? Salma Jafri (CEO — A content marketing firm) shows you how to repurpose your content more effectively along with the benefits of doing so.

Here’s a summary of things she points out in a very insightful article…

1. Don’t focus on creating more content day in, day out. Spend your energy more on getting your content across in different formats. For example, you can start off with a piece of high-value content as a video tutorial. Thereafter you can prepare a slide, a podcast, infographics, a blog post and a PDF document. Repurpose your content in as many mediums as you are comfortable with.

2. Different people have different preferences when it comes to how they access content. By having your content in different media, you reach many more people with your message. Furthermore, as the same people get exposed to your messages in different media, you make a stronger imprint or impression on them — That’s what effective marketing is all about.

3. Apart from the facts that you are able to reach your customers on different mediums and are able to increase perception and retention, repurposing content is very good for SEO. You invariably create assets that help you attract search traffic from multiple locations and platforms.

But how do you go about repurposing content effectively? She offers some tips…

1. It is best to repurpose content that is evergreen in nature. You don’t want to invest so much energy on a topic that might be of NO interest to your audience in just a few months’ time.

2. It is better to have in mind that you’ll be repurposing content when you are still at the conception stage. It makes it a lot easier to repurpose as you will create content that lends itself well to such a strategy. However, be willing to make slight changes to your content in response to each particular medium.

3. Don’t attempt to create content on just about everything within your niche. Start with a core concept and then pick up to 10 different topics that you can write on as an authority.

4. Make sure you take the time to cross-promote your content. You can embed your videos and slides on your blog or site, for example. You can share your content as tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

This article is choke-full of actionable content along with resources that will help you repurpose your content more effectively.

Do you have other ideas that will help webmasters repurpose their content more effectively? Are there SEO tactics that you’ve found to be very helpful? Share with us by leaving a comment below. We’d love to know what you think.

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