About To Roll Out Thousands Of Pages? Matt Cutts Cautions You To Think Twice

Do you have an archive of over 200,000 pages of document that you’d like to turn into web pages? Does it matter if you just upload them all as quickly as possible or even at once?

Well, Matt Cutts gives an insightful answer when a Googler, John Mueller, raised the question on Youtube recently…

“Should I add an archive of hundreds of thousands of pages all at once or in stages?”

Matt Cutts posits that Google has the capacity to handle it whichever route you take. However, he makes it clear that your site might attract undue attention from Google if you roll out all at once. To put it even more clearly, your site might attract a manual review (If you don’t feel comfortable with what this portends, then go the slow route).

Of course, you really have little to worry about if you are sure that your hundreds of thousands of pages are top quality (However, read between the lines, and you’ll see that Matt Cutts really doubts the possibility of having so many new pages with all of them being top quality and unique).

Hear Matt say it (in his own words) here…


What is your take? Have you had any experience that shows which route is the better of the two? We’d like to know. Just drop a comment below.

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