SEO For Now And The Future — Links Remain Important

There are a lot of speculations flying around on the internet especially when it has to do with what works in SEO. Among one of the harmful lies being peddled by some is that links are NO longer important. Julie Joyce, in an article at SearchEngineWatch, explains why links remain critical to SEO success. Here are conclusions reached…

1. Pagerank and authority is largely determined by the quality of links pointing to a page. If Google wanted to make link building totally irrelevant, then they’ll have to do away with their current algorithm.

2. Practical experience shows that people are getting quality links by breaking Google’s guideline and “enjoy” top rankings because of those links. Google is aware of this hence their crack down on paid links and networks. However, the truth remains that those with links that aren’t penalized get top rankings and build stronger profiles that eventually make it more difficult for them to be impacted negatively by Google’s numerous updates.

3. Links are the natural ways we tell our stories online. That’s how the internet is a web. That’s how search engine bots crawl sites. That’s how sites (including Google) refer traffic to other sites. That’s how we direct people to our recommendations.

Yes, with social factors playing a bigger part in ranking, what counts for a good link will change. But because those social signals themselves are actually links, link building won’t die. It will only keep changing.

4. Quality links are to be preferred to high volume poor quality links — That’s a fact. But how do you determine what would be a high quality link? A new site that has little link love today might eventually pick up and become a PR 5 site that enjoys the followership of a Tweeter heavyweight.

Therefore, get your links from relevant sources that look promising even if they don’t have all the bells and whistles that make an authority site at the moment.

5. Google has created a mess — Now your competitors can get your good links down by sending link removal messages to unwary webmasters. They can also hurt you by sending poor quality links your way.

But in spite of it all, link building isn’t going away anytime soon. Yes, it will keep changing but it’s going nowhere.

What do you think based on your personal experience?

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