SEO Hosting — 5 Ways On How To Win Top Rankings For A Specific Country

People who opt to buy SEO hosting do so because they want to improve their rankings with Google and other search engines. But we all know that Google shows different results to different geographical locations. So what can you do if your product or service is more targeted to a particular country and NOT a global audience? What can you do to ensure that you are better positioned to win top rankings for your target country?

1. Get A TLD That Targets That Country
Make sure you pick a country-based domain name. For example, is a better option than if you want to rank higher in search results for UK visitors. This will give you a big advantage in Google UK. However, make sure you understand the legal requirements for going this route. Some countries might have laws that require some sort of presence before you can legally get their country’s TLD.

2. Host Your Site There
Make sure you get an IP address that is hosted there. You can do this by simply ensuring you get a server that resides in a data center that is within the geographical area. Many experts will tell you that your IP address and server location gives you some advantage.

3. Get Links From Your Target Country
If most of your links come from UK websites then it makes sense for any search engine to conclude that your content is most appropriate for a UK audience. Therefore, do your best to weight your link profile in favor of your target country or geographical location.

4. Develop Content That Is Focused On The Country
There are keywords that are specific about locations. You just have to ensure you pay close attention to those in your articles and blog posts. Apart from the fact that you’ll increase your chances of ranking for such keywords, the activities of your visitors will further help your overall ranking (links, bookmarks and more will reinforce your positioning for that particular country).

Apart from focusing on keywords that are country-specific, also ensure that you place your contact details everywhere it makes sense (Seeing a UK address on many pages should give search engines an idea that you are UK-focused and do business there).

5. Take Advantage Of Google Places
Add your website to Google places if your business is really based in a physical location in the target country. This very simple process can bring in massive traffic to your business. Winning top listings should be very easy since you already have a solid foundation.

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