SEO Hosting — Does It Really Make A Difference?

There are many options open to you when it comes to hosting. SEO hosting is one of them. The distinguishing element with SEO hosting is that your website resides on a dedicated class C IP address. But do you really need it? Are there situations where it makes a big Difference?

First, let us make it clear that you can run a very successful website without having it on a dedicated IP. However, it must also be pointed out that you create more variables that are outside your control. As pointed out in an article at ZippyKid, here are some things to bear in mind…

1. Your site’s performance might be compromised if you are on a shared IP with a high traffic site. This shouldn’t be a problem ideally but if your host isn’t very good at allocating resources; your site might suffer because of another user’s success.

Your site could be slow and this has SEO implications: Google factors in a site’s load time — It’s part of creating a superior user experience.

2. There are also security issues. You become vulnerable if a website on the same shared server with you is infected. Many security programs and anti-viruses will just block the IP and so refuse to serve up all websites on that IP. This means that although your site might NOT have any malware issues, it would suffer.

Some browsers display messages like: “This site may harm your computer”. Such a message will definitely NOT give your visitors confidence to go ahead with their visit. In a competitive world, you need to do everything to ensure you do NOT lose your visitors for any reason.

3. SSL is another good reason for a unique IP. Although newer versions don’t require a unique IP, you are still advised to use a unique IP for the simple reason that older browsers don’t have support for it.

But why should you bother about SSL? It encrypts traffic to your site. It ensures users’ passwords aren’t displayed as clear texts, for example on public wifi networks.

Do you think these are enough reasons to go for SEO hosting or a dedicated IP? Please, share your thoughts by leaving a comment.

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