SEO Hosting — Why Some People Fail In Spite Of Its Power

SEO Hosting ValuesSEO hosting gives strategic advantage when it comes to earning top rankings in Google. However, a number of people still fail to get the expected results in spite of its power. Here are some things that might be responsible for their poor results…

a. NOT Putting In The Work And Time Required
No matter the tools you use or the platform you operate from, you need to go to work to get results. Painfully, there are people who are very quick to join bandwagons but never go through with the process. If you buy SEO hosting and get your domains (with all the privacy settings and more) and just stop at that point, you will NOT get the much-touted results.

Even if you go past that point, you still shouldn’t expect results. You have to ensure that you nurture your assets to the point where they can give you the link juice for which you set them up in the first place. This takes time and hard work.

b. Working The Wrong Process
If you get your process wrong you won’t get a pleasant result. In fact, it could actually hurt you. You can NO longer set up 100 different blogs with sub-par content and expect all to go well. Think about it this way: Would any of those assets pass a human reviewer’s examination? If they won’t then you have got your process all wrong and irrespective of how hard or long you work, you won’t get the desired results.

There are things that raise the red flag over a blog: Poor content, excessive links on the home page, the absence of monetization and so on. You have to upgrade your operations to the realities on ground post-Panda and Penguin. That is, if you want to get results that will please you.

C. A Poor Link Profile
You set up your primary sites for failure if you link heavily to them with your target keywords/phrases as anchor texts. Ask anyone who knows his/her salt and they’ll tell you that you just can’t use the anchor text techniques of a year ago.

Unless your primary keyword also happens to be the domain name, you shouldn’t link to your site with as an anchor text for more than 20% (That is, it should account for NOT more than 20% of your total anchor text variations). In fact, some experts advise that you keep it down to 10 percent.

It is very important that you use your domain name heavily (As Google seems to favor branding). You also have to ensure that you have links from all sorts of sources (social media, forums, PR releases, video sites, article directories, etc).

Don’t forget to add texts like “click here”, “visit this page” and any other phrases that a “natural” link profile will likely have. The point is to do your best to imitate an unassisted link profile.

D. Poor Content
There’s simply NO cure for bad content. This is because people who visit your site will respond in certain negative ways just because you have poor content. This affects your bounce rate and other metrics that tell Google that you have poor content.

Please, don’t make this mistake if you have decided to invest in SEO hosting. What’s really the point in getting people to your pages if they won’t deliver your most wanted response because your content is poor?

E. Poor On-Page Optimization
While link building is generally accepted as the single most powerful step to getting high rankings on Google and other SEs, it is NOT all that’s needed. You still need to optimize your site correctly (Yes, this is still true post-Penguin and Panda — The rules for on-page optimize were only adjusted).

In particular, avoid over-optimization. What was considered a well-optimized page a couple of years ago would likely be classified as over-optimization now.

F. Poor Keyword/Niche Research
This should actually be the first reason many people fail. If you are 50 years old and decide to race against Usain Bolt in the 100 meters dash, you will surely fail. The point here is that you should pick fights you can win. While people will tell you that you should pick keyphrases that are below a certain volume, it’s better to look at it in a more practical way…

How much time and money can you spend to get to your desired position? How knowledgeable are you in SEO as a whole? If you have $500k to play around with, are willing to wait for a year or two and consider yourself to be an advanced SEOer?

It’s important to also assess the competition you are going to face. You can easily win top spot if you are up against business owners who neither know the first thing about SEO nor have the capacity to get involved in complex SEO wars.

If you pick the wrong niche, you will fail. If you do NOT do your research very well and pick the “wrong” keywords, you will also fail. It won’t be because SEO hosting failed you but because you did NOT set out on a solid foundation.

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