SEO Mindcrimes To Avoid; Tips To Get Ahead

For those who don’t know Jerry West, he has over 800 test domains. He has been doing SEO since 1995 and has made millions of dollars in revenue. According to him, he doesn’t trust anybody when it comes to SEO advice (Including Google — In fact, he maintains that a lot of what Matt Cutts says isn’t true). He only trusts what data shows him at any point in time. Therefore, it is in your own interest to pay attention to whatever he says (SEO Mindcrimes, the focus here).

What is a mindcrime? It is a lie told by an authority figure in order to have an advantage over followers. Here are some SEO mindcrimes Jerry wants you to be aware of (along with tips that will help you get ahead)…

1. SEO is dead — This is NOT only false today but will always remain false for as long as Google shows organic results. Most people who spread such lies usually have a product they are pushing either directly or indirectly.

2. All you need is unique and compelling content. Do this and you’ll get link love. First, that something is unique doesn’t mean it’s useful. Secondly, practical experiences and tests show that you’ll have a hard time getting enough good links to benefit your bottom line if you don’t take active steps to get them.

3. Link networks with the big red button (Click it and get all the links you need) are effective and sustainable. They are NOT. You have to reach out and network with the right people if you are to get quality links. Furthermore, any link that comes without effort on your part isn’t going to do you much good (That is, if it doesn’t hurt you). You can get your money to work for you by hiring people to do the hard work for you, though.

4. Focus on keywords as you write your title tags. No! Focus on making your titles as compelling as you can make them. A page ranked No. 3 with a compelling title will get more clicks than another with a poor title ranked No. 1 for the same keyword. This is based on tests in the real world.

Enough of the Mindcrimes, here are some things he recommends you do to get ahead with your SEO.

1. You’ll learn more about what works now in link building by studying the link profiles for key phrases like “buy viagra”. Why read what everyone is recommending? Just head over to Google’s search and see what the top ranked sites are doing.

2. Work on having multiple entry points for each keyword. Don’t just focus on picking the No. 1 spot, try getting the top four spots for multiple web properties you own. Do this and you’ll be amazed at how your revenue will multiply.

3. Links are key to top rankings in Google at the moment. Find out what works in your niche at the moment and keep using it until it stops working. Don’t bother about new methods. Don’t concern yourself with what would happen if it stops working (When you get to that bridge, you’ll cross it). Focus on what’s working at the moment.

4. Take action.

Do you agree with everything Jerry said? Do you have additional SEO mindcrimes or “get ahead tips” you’d like to call our attention to? Please, leave a comment.

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