SEO Post Penguin — Getting Relevant Links

All links are NOT equal. There are links that have more quality and affect your SEO efforts more for good. Post Penguin, it’s important that you focus on link relevancy in your efforts. But how do you do that? Ken Lyons, shares some tips in an article published at (Here are a few of them)…

1. Develop authoritative guides that your niche will find very useful. It helps to cite resources by potential link sources within such guides as it will make it easier for them to link to you.

2. Write feature articles on industry leaders. You can also do this for researchers and faculty members at a university — This will get you some .edu links if done right.

3. Have group interviews with industry experts. Have a good number of them at once. It helps stoke their ego and gets you links, connections with niche leaders, high quality content, etc.

4. Can you develop industry Awards for your niche? Then do so as it will guarantee you a lot of top quality links as references are made to it and as people position themselves to win those awards.

Can you share a tip that will help webmasters get links with high relevancy? Please, leave a comment.

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