SEO And An RTS Game — Drawing Inspiration

It’s NOT often that you learn so much from a game that it changes how you go about your SEO. But this happened to Jayson DeMers (Founder & CEO of AudienceBloom) and he shares useful insights that will help you perform better in your search engine optimization efforts…

First, he makes you understand that SEO is actually a battlefield. Whenever you gain top ranking for a particular key phrase, you get more traffic. But something else happens at the same time: Your competitors lose traffic. Once you’ve got it into you that it’s a battlefield then it’s clear that you need a battle plan to win. He encourages you to…

Ensure you have superior intelligence. The more you know about your adversary, the battlefield and weapons (or tools) at your disposal, the easier it is for you to win the battle. Superior intelligence gives you power to alter things in your favor.

So how do you gather intelligence? You use the right SEO tools (He lists a number of them).

You can’t win an RTS battle by sitting still. You have to use your offensive weapons. For an SEOer, Jayson compares them with on-site content, in-coming links and social signals. Apart from the fact that it makes an interesting reading, this article gives you actionable advice on things that will help you achieve top rankings.

What can you liken SEO to? Are there parallels you have been able to draw between SEO and any particular activity? Share with us — Use the comment box below!

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