SEO Spring Cleaning? Here’s How

Every site that wants to maintain relevancy with search engines needs constant adjustments. There are always things that could be improved. There are things that need to be removed and there are things that need to be repositioned.
That’s what Scott Wyden Kivowitz draws every webmaster’s attention to this spring. Here are some items on his SEO spring cleaning list…

1. For on-site work, take Google authorship more seriously. It isn’t only an SEO tactic, it also helps improve conversion (Search results with authorship enabled enjoy 120% more clicks).

2. Make it easier for people to pin things on your site. Add a Pin button.
3. Make sure you have a good SEO plugin if you run a WordPress blog. Don’t rely on any theme’s SEO settings.
4. While dealing with on-page factors, don’t forget to take a look at your site’s loading speed (70s is a good target). Remove anything that’s slowing it down. Deal with broken links and make sure you are NOT preventing search engines from crawling important pages.
5. While you’re on it, make sure you improve user experience as much as you can.
Now onto off-site factors…
6. Be social. Social signals are going to increase in importance. And for links, guest posting is highly recommended. Not only will you build great relationships this way, you’ll also get valuable back links.
Do you have any suggestions on what webmasters should add to their SEO spring cleaning to-do list? Drop a comment!

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