SEO Success — Key Performance Indicators

SEO is a means to an end. Miss this point and you’ll end up wasting a lot of valuable dollars on an ego trip (Many SEOers make this mistake). So how do you determine if a particular SEO campaign was successful or NOT? According to Jay Taylor in How to Measure SEO Success (Published at SearchEngineWatch), here are Key performance indicators to look at…

1. Rankings. Obviously, the first thing that determines the success of an SEO campaign is where it puts you on Google’s (and any other search engine’s) result page. Anything outside the first page isn’t good enough. However, a careful observation of the difficulty experienced in getting first page rankings for certain keywords can help you decide whether they are worth the effort or NOT.

I know some experts will disagree and insist you should check the competition before even embarking on a campaign. To such experts, I counter by maintaining that you really can’t tell for sure until you get into the fray. After all, we all know the various steps we take to prevent others from reverse-engineering our efforts.

2. Traffic. We want high rankings because we want to drive oodles of traffic to our sites. So after all the effort you’ve made to get to the top, you need to check the volume of traffic you gain for each keyword. While ranking No.1 should get you the highest volume of traffic for each keyword, experience has shown that a poor description or a better optimized No.2 listing could affect your traffic count.

But more important than the volume of traffic is the quality of traffic gained. If all we wanted was traffic, we could go out and pay for those “10,000 visitors for pennies” packages. You want traffic that is interested in what you have to offer.

3. Conversions. This is actually the end that we all are after. Like one expert puts it: Your most wanted response. It could be filling a form, buying a product, clicking an affiliate link, etc. This is what determines how much you make eventually.

So while high rankings and oodles of traffic are great, they mean nothing if they don’t convert well. And while you do that don’t forget…

…The lifetime value of each visitor. This is particular true in certain industries. If you make a total of $10,000 over the lifetime of each visitor that converts then you can afford to dig in and invest more time and money on your SEO. But…

…It could also mean you’d have to pay more attention to your sales funnel. Improving your conversion by a tiny percentage will have a significant effect on your ROI.

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