Why The SEO Title NO Longer Cuts It

If you have anything to do with getting top rankings via search engines, then Rand Fishkin needs no introduction. He tackles an issue on Whiteboard Friday: Why going by the SEO title isn’t good enough for any practitioner who intends to be very effective…

How would you explain your interference with a client’s website design if all you are is an SEO expert? Why should you make suggestions on how a company goes about its branding if all you have been contracted to do is just do the trick and get top search engine rankings?

The truth is that the game has changed. You need a combination of factors (that are generally outside of what old-school SEO focused on) to get and maintain Panda and Penguin-proof top rankings.

You need great content, the right positioning, a community, social signals, excellent email marketing, branding, proper analyses of user/usage data, etc. You’ll find it difficult to get clients who will allow you to have a say on all these if you are just an SEO expert.

Have you been able to make important distinctions that will help you perform better in your SEO tasks? Do you have anything you’d like to share with the rest of us? We’d like to have comments from you.

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