Things To Do After Google Removes A Manual Penalty

If your site has ever been hit by any type of penalty from Google, then you know that it isn’t a fun experience. While many of those penalties are usually algorithmic, there are a number of situations where they are manual. Whichever they might be, there are usually steps that can help you have those penalties removed.

The big surprise, for many people, isn’t how difficult it is to get Google to remove the manual penalty. It is NOT seeing those top rankings again even after Google claims they have given them a second chance.

If you find yourself in this situation, Chuck Price, Founder & President of Measurable SEO (Contributor at, makes suggestions that will help your site gain high rankings again…

The first thing he calls attention to is the fact that there are over 200 signals that are used to rank pages (even though links represent the most important signal). He also makes it clear that some of your disavowed links where actually powerful links and so were responsible for the rankings you enjoyed before the penalty.

He further emphasizes the importance of ensuring you change your approach to building links. Here’s a summary of his advice for those who are serious about recovery…

1. There is a serious need to take a hard look at the basics. Did you get your site architecture right? How clean is your source code? Have you done an on-page SEO audit?

If you’ve missed any of those, then it’ll do you some good to get to work on them.

2. The second step that helps recovery is ensuring you make your site Panda-proof. Panda targets low value content. Therefore, he encourages you to remove duplicate content, improve thin pages, beef up low value pages and update your site regularly.

3. Step three is ensuring that you come out of the shadows. The best way to do this (according to him) is to verify your identity via Google Plus authorship. He cites a quote from Google’s Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt, that points to the fact that the new price for anonymity is lower rankings.

4. Like everyone would suspect, a large chunk of his article was on link building and how to go about it after a manual penalty has been removed. Here’s what he advocates in brief…

a. Find out your top ranking competitors’ link sources. However, explore them before reaching out so you don’t get caught up with spam links.

b. Find out your competitors’ best pages. Try to create better versions of them and then reach out to those quality link sources identified in the previous step.

c. Create a resource page on your site. Such a page should link out to those valuable resources. Don’t let this bother you as (according to him); they’ve discovered that such pages usually attract many inbound links.

d. Create a high quality tutorial that solves specific problems within your niche.

e. Create an industry-specific glossary — This, too, will attract links.

f. Give away free stuff that people within your niche will find very useful.

g. Explore guest posting opportunities. This refers to opportunities on high quality/authority sites and NOT sites that are built just for guest posts or those that demand payment for your posts to be published.

He shares a few other tips that should help get your site back to high rankings.

Read the complete article here…

Have you had any experience in this regard? Do you agree with his recommendations based on your personal experience? We’ll like to know. Share with us by leaving a comment!

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